Become a Author or editor

Hello, So I guess if you are on this page you want to be an author. You might become one by filling out a comment like my sample one below. Note that you may or may not become one, and that I choose whether you become an author or editor.


  1. Name in Poptropica and Username ex. Red Spider / Kurtbushg
  2. Islands completed ( it must be at least 15 and I will check your account to see that it is true)
  3. How long have you been playing poptropica ex. 5 years
  4. Blogging experience (have you been an author on a POPTROPICA blog before) (if you have I will ask the owner of that blog how good or bad you were at blogging there) ex. Author on ______
  5. Gender (optional)
  6. Age (optional)
  7. How active will you be
  8. Any other things you want me to know (optional)

11 thoughts on “Become a Author or editor

  1. 1. Undefined Undefined (User is battleforce53)
    2.8 islands
    3.7 years
    4.Yes. Author on: theTSTB, Ninjadude Awesomeness, and Red Lizards blog.
    5.Rather not
    7.Posting at least one time each week (IF I CAN)


  2. thelamb2/ small tiger
    I’ve completed 9 islands
    I have peen playing poptropica for 6 years in August
    Have my own poptropica fashion blog and youtube account
    I am a girl
    I’m 12
    And I own some of the rarest poptropican items ever
    Also I love this blog


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