Hi! I’m the new editor!

You probably think you’re obsessed with cupcakes, well you thought wrong! Anika is the wonderful goddess of cupcakes, she even invented few flavors! Okay, okay, I didn’t invent cupcake flavors. But, I love cupcakes, gaming, writing and in fact drawing. I’ve always been interested in virtual worlds, like Poptropica, Fantage, and Club Penguin. My username is $cupcakeluv$. Feel free to add me! Ciao!


New Author

Hi I am Dumpee. I like to play Poptropica. Heres a few pictures of my Poptropican : dwd^^^^^^^!. I currently work on Red Lizards Poptropica Blog, Ninjadude Awesomeness, and theTSTB. I look forward to posting more on this blog!