Monkey Wrench Island!

Hey guys and girls!

Well, Red Spider wanted to shut down this blog, but he let me post some more since he’s not deleting it! Thanks, Red! 😀

Anyways, I know this is one day late, but there’s something new on Home Island, Monkey Wrench Island! So, in this island, you go to a blimp race to get the medallion, but during the race the Red Baroness comes to cheat and crash racers, and she crashes you and Amelia’s plane, and you will have to build a blimp to defeat her! The complete guide will be coming soon in Red Spider’s Poptropica Blog, so stay tuned for it!

Well, that’s all for today. CK out!

-Cuddly Knuckle a.k.a Wilbur 🙂


Shutting this blog down

Hello, unfortunately I am going to be shutting down the blog. It was a long decision but it was the best decision. I am shutting it down because I don’t have a computer to play poptropica on anymore, I never read the PCB or the PHB or any other poptropica news site. Thanks to all my supporters. Goodbye Poptropica Community.

Updates for 2016

Happy New Years guys, Its me ; Red Spider here with some updates for the blog in 2016. Here They Are!

  • Less Inactivity – This year I want this blog to have a good reputation so it will get more views and popularity
  • More Authors – In 2016, I will also make sure to have 5-6 staff members at a time (if you are intrested in becoming  an author  Click Here
  • Special posts – I will start doing off topic posts every once in a while that is not about poptropica
  • (Possibly) A series of posts that have short stories wrote by the Viewers Only of this blog

Thats all folks!

Happy 8th B-day Poptropica

Hi poptropicans, so as the title says it is pop’s 8th birthday. And once again; there is a prize for it. You can get the prize by going in a common room and poping a balloon that has an 8 on it. Popping that balloon gets you the piggcelated power which has you turn the other poptropicans into the pig from early poptropica. The power currently only works on sound updated islands. Peace Out!

Daily Pop in codes

Hi guys! So you all know you about the daily pop in. Every weekday starting at 7/27 and ending at 8/07. As of today the only codes are credits, but I’m hoping it will get better. Here are the codes:

Date / code / prize 

July 27 / SURPRIZEME / 200 credits  *  

July 28 / GIMME50 / 50 credits *

July 29 / HIGH5 / 5 credits *

July 30 / LOVEPOP30 / 75 credits 

July 31 / WHOOPS / Fart Gun *

* expired code 


Guess what readers? WE HAVE OUR FIRST ISLAND GUIDE PUBLISHED! Yep, we started out from the beginning with early poptropica ; so it may be a while till we get newer island guides. Let’s give a big hand to cuddly knuckle, our talented author for making this guide *Audience claps*. Hope you enjoy the page

poptropica is no longer a Pearson website

so we all know that poptropica is owned by Pearson right. Well you’re wrong. Now poptropica is no longer owned by Pearson education, now it is owned by sandbox. They plan on keeping a lot of it the same. What do you guys think of the new owners ; tell me in the comments.

p.s. Right now I am looking for authors : tell me your wp username, blogging experience, years playing poptropica, and how active you are in a comment. I really need authors guise.