Glitches cheats and more

promo codes : GOREALMS for realms builder costume POPANYWHERE for poptropica app phone and tablet SKULLBOOK for skullduggery pirate costume and BURRITO for a motm follower

Easter eggs : the hypnotic costume is on a window at poptropica towers at early poptropica

Nabooti phone codes : 911 – policeman, 411- brain hat , 1225- Santa hat, and 1337 for Ned noodle heads costume,

other gliches : when you are on early poptropica have the jet pack on and open dr hares secret lab ; you can use the jetpack to fly around and it is easier

you can friend everything173 and everything172 to customize rare handheld items

if you stand on the top of the helicopter on reality tv your poptropican will yawn

if you have a glitch say what it is in a comment below and it might just end up here


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