Early Poptropica Island Guide

Guide By: Cuddly Knuckle  

you arrive at Early Poptropica Island, go right to Early Poptropica, then go down the well to the Storage Cavern.

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Inside the Storage Cavern, there is a boy in a swimsuit telling you: “Glow sticks are the coolest! I saw another one up to the left.” Follow his dialogue and go up to the left of the area and you will see the Glow Stick on the platform. Pick it up and leave the Storage Cavern.

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After leaving the well, go back to Main Street and go down to The Pit.

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There are small spiders that attack you, so watch out for them! Go to the bottom of the sewer and you will see the Giant Spider. Next to him is the Prized Porker. Pick the Prized Porker up, jump over the Giant Spider, and head left to the Dark Room.

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You have your Glow Stick, so it is easy to go through the dark room. The graffiti on the sewer walls will help you get through. When you reach the “Getting Warmer” graffiti, it will lead you to the Golden Egg. Pick it up.

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Leave the Dark Room by finding your way up the maze to the Poptropica Towers. When you get to the Poptropica Towers, jump on the windows, and then jump from tower to tower until you reach the Rooftop Restaurant. Above the Resturant building there is a vine.

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Go up the vine and you will find yourself in the clouds. Click on the purple giant and give him the Golden Egg. He will lift his club so you can continue right to the Giant’s Garden.

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You should see a shovel acting like a ramp so you climb the ramp and do the same with the vine. Jump off the vine and on the Giant’s vegetables. Next to them is the Water Bucket; take it and continue right to the Aircraft Graveyard.

Screenshot 2015-09-05 12.27.55Screenshot 2015-09-05 12.30.03

Jump on the Airplane’s proppellers and fly over the plane’s nose, then jump on its other propellers to the red rocket. Drop down from the rocket and you should see a table with the Jetpack.

Screenshot 2015-09-05 12.43.33

Grab and put on the jetpack, and fly over the aircrafts to the left, back to the Giant’s Garden. Go to the shovel on the left of the Giant’s vegetables, and fly over it. Drop down the hole on the left of the shovel that says “Exit.”

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You will drop to the top of the Poptropica water tower, with the Signal Flag. Pick the flag up and go left to Early Poptropica.

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When you get to Early Poptropica, talk to the first man next to the empty pigpen and return the Prized Porker to him, the second man next to the well and return the Water Bucket to him, and the final man on the tower and return the Signal Flag to him.

Screenshot 2015-09-05 12.52.37Screenshot 2015-09-05 12.53.25Screenshot 2015-09-05 12.54.30

After returning the flag, go to the man on the boat and he will give you the Island Medallion, and you’re finished with Early Poptropica Island.

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