Timmy Failure Island Guide

When you arrive at Timmy Failure Island, you find yourself in the end of the island, when Timmy Failure is accusing Corrina Corrina for stealing his pants and planting them, when she leaves, Timmy tells you he did everything by himself, but you tell him he didn’t. Then the island begins.

You jump down from your blimp and see Timmy hiding in a bush. He tells you there are evil things and someone stole his pants. He asks you to help him find his pants and tells you about Total, his “former business partner.” He then gives you a Detective Log and tells you to go to his house.

Run to the the left of the playground and you will see a Pole, pick it up and continue left until you reach the man cutting the elephant hedge statue. Jump on the elephant statue and the trunk will fall off, upsetting the man. Now pick up the Gardening Shears and head over to Timmy’s house in the neighborhood, in the right.

When you enter Timmy’s house, you go to the kitchen and notice Total looking up at the cupboard. Go up to the cupboard, use the Gardening shears to unlock it, and you will get the Crispy Rice Treats, which you think Total is looking at, so you throw one Crispy Rice Treat at Total and he will follow you wherever you go.

There’s also a Permanent Marker at the shelf where there are plates, pick that marker up as well.

Before leaving the house, go up to Timmy’s room and push Garbanzo Man out of the window.

Now you can leave the house, but Timmy enters the house and stops you, telling you that Total needs to be watched, with what he calls, the Lazy Bear 2000, and he gives you instructions how to build it.

Now you can leave the house and get the Garbanzo Man Mask from the window you pushed him out of.

Go right to Main Street, and run to the trash can in front of the tempararily closed building. Click on the trash can and Total will take the trash can, lie on his back, and eat the trash. Jump on Total’s belly and then you’ll be on the wooden platforms of the building. Jump on the wooden platforms, grab the screwdriver lying on the second wooden platform, after the third one, jump down on the bank on the left.

Enter the bank by the window and put on the Garbanzo Mask. Drop to the first floor, exit the building, and scare the kid holding the camera, and he will run away and drop his camera. Pick up the camera, and all you need left is the box.

Now go right to the zoo, and you’ll pick up a page of Timmy’s log talking about Corrina Corrina, Timmy’s “rival” and a red bucket. When you go to the far right you’ll see a polar bear with a beach ball. Use your pole to press the red button to turn the fans on and off, keep clicking on the red button until the beach ball is out of the polar bear’s habitat.

Run left to the scene where you got the Gardening Shears, except go to the Giraffe Hedge Statue, and you’ll notice a cardboard box on the head. You’ll have to use the beach ball to throw it at the head, so the box will drop out of the head and there you have all the items needed to make the Lazy Bear 2000.

Go back to Timmy’s house and assemble the Lazy Bear 2000. Once you’ve assembled it, Timmy tells you about his classmate, Charles “Rollo” Tookus, and gives you a log page about him. Go left to the playground and you’ll see Rollo stuck in the slide. Equip the Crispy Rice Treat and throw one down the slide, and Total will get Rollo out and get stuck in the slide too.

You will tell Rollo that there’s a pop quiz tomarrow, it’s an English pop quiz, it’s only ten minutes long, and it will go on his permanent record to startle him, so his head will turn red and shake so hard Total will be free from the slide, and Rollo will drop a log you collect, talking about Molly Moskins and Senor Burrito.

Molly will arrive, saying that her cat Senor Burrito is stuck in the vending machine in the Bowling Alley, in Main Street, and she can’t rescue her because she only has dollars, and the machine only takes coins. You tell her that you’ll take her dollars and figure something out, but she says she’ll buy shoes, but she’s not giving away her allowance.

You might have shoes paired at Timmy’s house in his headquarters, so go to his house and try to open the door of the headquarters on the right of the Lazy Bear 2000, but it’s locked. Click on the Lazy Bear 2000 and you’ll see that the Robo-Vac ate the key. Jump on top of the Robo-Vac and use your screwdriver to open it and get the key. Once you have the key, open the HQ door and take the red shoes.

Go back to the playground and give Molly the shoes, and she will give you her dollars. Go right to the zoo and ask the lady in fromt of the nugget machine for some nuggets. She’ll take the dollars and give you the nuggets and coins. Go left to Main Street and enter the bowling alley. You’ll see the vending maching with Senor Burrito in it, use the coins and free the cat, along with some Bon-bons.

Go back to the playground and give Molly the cat, and a garbage truck will pass by with DUN-DUN-DUN… Timmy’s pants! You chase after the pants but now the truck is gone. You’ll notice a page of Timmy’s log on the roof of the “no visitors” house. Take the log and you’ll see that Timmy’s mother is trying to throw away his pants.

Go back to main street, have Total eat trash in front of the Temporarily Closed building and climb it. in the next scene, you’ll see some rope on the first platform of the scene, so pick up the rope and continue climbing until you reach Timmy on top of the tower.

He’ll tell you that you can use Crispin Flavius’s car to chase after the truck, and he assumes he’s trying to beat his bowling record, so jump down from the building and go to the Bowling Alley. Equip the Crispy Rice Treats to call Total, and equip the Bon Bons and throw one at Total so he’ll dance and distract the bowling alley lady, who prevents you from passing to the bowling alley alone. Since the lady is now distracted by Total, you can pass her to the alley and talk to Crispin. He’ll tell you if you beat his bowling record he’ll give you his keys to his car. Accept it and try to make your score bigger than Crispin’s. When you win, Crispin will give you his car keys. Exit the Bowling Alley building and use the car keys to drive Crispin’s car after the truck, but you crash into the “No Visitors” house.

Timmy will come and tell you another plan-the Totalmobile! He will give you another page of his log, telling you how to build the Totalmobile.

You have everything except the wagon, so go back to the place where you got the shears and box, and ask the angry man for the wagon, and he will say no. So you’ll need to distract him. Call Total with the Crispy Rice Treats, then throw a BonBon at him and he will start dancing, distracting the man so you can get the wagon.

Once you’ve got the wagon, talk to Timmy and you’ll see Corrina Corrina chasing after the trash truck. You’ll have to beat her to the truck! While chasing the truck, all you have to do is dodge the trash the truck throws at you, until it crashes and you, Timmy, and Corrina Corrina will be covered in trash, where you started completing the island, when Timmy accuses Corrina Corrina and you ask Timmy for the Island Medallion, and you’re done with Timmy Failure Island.

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